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Contrast is a puzzle-platformer video game developed by Compulsion Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360. On October 31, 2013, the game was confirmed to launch as one of two free titles offered to PlayStation Plus members, along with Resogun.

Set in a noir art deco atmosphere, the player controls Dawn, an imaginary friend who is able to move in 3D or phase into a silhouette that can jump between shadows, as in a 2D platformer. Through out the game, the player must solve puzzles that require movement between the physical world and the shadows. There is control over different light sources in the 3D world (spotlights, film projectors, etc) to create the proper shadow platformer paths to reach new areas. "Collectibles" are also available throughout the game that offer insights into the game's characters and the world they live in.

In the game, Dawn and Didi are the only two characters who appear as full 3D figures. All other characters in the game appear only as shadows against walls, but they still interact with the world as though they are as "real" as Dawn and Didi.

The game begins in the bedroom of a young girl, Didi, who has Dawn as an imaginary friend. Didi's mother, Kat, enters the room and tells Didi not to sneak out of the house again. Didi asks her if her father will return to them. Kat answers that she doesn't know.
Once Kat leaves, Didi, with Dawn's assistance, sneaks out of the house to the cabaret, the Ghost Note, where her mother is working. After Kat's musical number, Didi eaves drops on a conversation between her mother and father, Johnny, where she learns her father didn't leave but rather her mother kicked him out. Johnny asks Kat to visit him at the Excelsior, the hotel where he staying, telling her that he has some big plans in the works to improve their lives.
Didi follows her father to a bar where he is meeting with Vincenzo, a famous illusionist. Vincenzo will be the star performer in a circus Johnny is organizing, and Vincenzo is to be the main attraction. However, Johnny wants a recording of Vincenzo's new act to show to his investors, but Vincenzo isn't willing to give up the tape because he doesn't trust Johnny has the means to pay him. Dawn, at the urging of Didi, sneaks into the apartment of Vincenzo's agent and steals the tape.
Didi delivers the tape to her father at the cinema where she discovers her father's investors are not of the reputable sort. They don't believe Vincenzo is on board with the circus, and they beat Johnny until Dawn plays the tape from the theater's projector. Afterwards, Didi follows her father to the Excelsior where he and Kat argue, during which Didi learns that Vincenzo is her real father. With Didi's interference, Johnny and Kat make up and Johnny returns home with them.
Some time passes, after which Johnny's circus has arrived in town. Didi wants to meet Vincenzo, so she and Dawn sneak out of her room again. They go to the circus where they learn most of the attractions are in disrepair. Dawn and Didi repair the attractions, and then travel to Vincenzo's workshop where Didi discovers Vincenzo doesn't want her.

Didi returns to the circus as the show starts. The lights on the stage break, and Dawn and Didi fix that as well. During Vincenzo's portion of the show, he speaks of alternate universes that are similar and yet different than ours and even appears to bring things from other universes into his. After the show, Didi admits to fixing all the parts of the circus to her father, and Johnny returns to his family permanently. As Vincenzo says goodbye to Didi, he phases into Dawn's world. He no longer appears as shadow but as a 3D figure and thanks Dawn for looking after Didi.

Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.3 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space

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