Saturday, 20 July 2013

PCSX2 1.0.0 r5350


PCSX2 is a Play Station 2 Emulator by the PCSX2 community. An emulator is a tool which can be used for running different products of different OS. With this emulator you can play PS2 games on your PC. Download an .iso or out a DVD in your DVD Rom and boot it, then sit back get a controller or a keyboard and enjoy your PC with PS2 games. 

Note : After you download follow the steps below to set your emulator

Step 1 
When finished download the bios with the link below.

Step 2
Install PCSX2 and then in the configuration screen set everything up and when it asks for bios browse it and load any bios you want

Step 3
After those two steps click on config > Controller (Pad) > Plugin Settings

Step 4
When you do that there will be two tabs Pad 1 and Pad 2, if you want a single controller click on any one and if two then you have to setup Pad 1 and Pad 2

Step 5
A windows will open up with different buttons as shown below

In the picturre above you see the names of different PS2 buttons

Step 6
Hold a button give e.g Up from D-Pad panel, hold it and press a key on your controller or keyboard which you want that function to add. Just like this assign all keys and you are done.

Download Setup
Downlaod Bios

Password Of Bios :


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